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How Much Is Too Much? Knowing When Your Child Is Too Involved

Posted on 09-15-2015


Here is a question for the soccer moms and little league dads: Is there a point in which you feel your child is too involved with activities away from home?

That question may be something you have not considered. You and your child may have enjoyed every minute of the swim practices, piano lessons, and soccer competitions. You may believe the activity is critical to your child's development. But, is there such a thing as “too much?” If so, how much is too much?

Every family has their own culture and values that will certainly factor into how one should answer that question. It is important to remember that every family is unique. Consider what your family could accomplish if you were free during some of those scheduled activity times. Could you place a higher value on family gatherings, meals together, vacations, learning activities, or visiting relatives? It doesn’t matter if a child is in daycare, childcare, preschool, or beyond, it’s important to value all family time together and regulate activities that distract from family time, bonding, or the family relationship.

Since every family is different, try to evaluate how signing up for a 12-week sports program will effect each family member. Here are some questions to consider when asking, “How much is too much?”

  • How do both parents feel about the activity? If one parent does not look forward to the practices, dropping off, picking up, and quick dinners for game days, consider what can be done to alleviate the pressure before signing up for the activity.
  • How does the child feel about the activity? Do you ever feel like your child is extremely excited at the thought of ballet, but doesn’t like putting in the hours it requires? Have you convinced yourself that your child will enjoy an activity even though he initially dislikes the idea? How a child feels can tell you a lot about whether you want to invest in the activity and pay the registration fee and other costs.
  • Will the activity hinder your childs learning experience in preschool? This can go either way. Some children are motivated to do better in school by their favorite hobbies and extra curricular activities. Others children find too many activities to be a distraction.
  • Do you ever feel like your childs extra curricular activities take away from what your family values most? If you’re disheartened because your dinner table rarely gets used, maybe it’s time to make a change.
Asking, “How much is too much?”is an important question for every family to consider. We would love to meet you and offer a tour of our Learning Academy. Our parent’s are able to connect with our staff, and other parents with children participating in our Before and After School Program and Extra Curricular Programs. We are committed to supporting our parents to help create a balanced schedule and the best experience for infants, toddlers, and preschool children.
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