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McKinney Montessori Schools Daycare Child Care Programs

Kids R Kids offers a truly effective McKinney before school care program that is geared toward children up to the age of 12. We provide programming and activities that are fun, hands-on and interactive, but also educational.

We blend fun play with important lessons to provide an experience that is a breath of fresh air compared to most traditional schools. Kids R Kids provides supervision for children both before school and after the bell rings with our after school child care in McKinney TX.

We provide some of the following with our before school daycare in McKinney TX:

·      Homework help:Children can bring their homework to our McKinney TX private daycare to receive assistance with it. This is an interesting blend of a traditional day care service and a helpful tutor.

·      Safe, secure supervision:You want to know that your child is somewhere safe either before or after school. With our McKinney before school care, you can rest assure that, not only is your child being supervised, but they are also receiving an enriching educational experience in the process.

·      Fun activities:From putting on plays to giving children access to our high-tech learning tools, our after school child care in McKinney TX is a hub for entertaining and fun activities that are engaging for children of all different interests and skills.

Kids R Kids utilizes an acclaimed curriculum that is delivered by trained, certified and experienced faculty members. With the help of Kids R Kids, children are able to pick up a skill set that puts them on track for a lifetime of learning.

See if Kids R Kids would be the right fit for your child. Visit our McKinney before school care center and take some time to speak with our staff. We look forward to having you.

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